2016 MASK “Moms Making A Difference” Unity Award Winner


We are proud to announce that Michelle Moore-Fanger has been presented with the 2016 MASK “Moms Making A Difference” Unity Award! Thank you to all of our friends who voted for her during the preliminary voting period. Michelle tributes her influential work to Gods plan for Mothers Grace, following his path to see where he will lead and allowing Mothers Grace to accomplish anything for a mom.

It was a wonderful luncheon with over 175 people in attendance and 42 inspirational women featured. Kimberly Cabral, MASK Founder, and Catherine Anaya, CEO of 4Hearts Media honored all 42 nominees. “Although very difficult, the selection process was rewarding,” said Cabral. “I was not a member of the panel of judges, however it was exciting for me to facilitate the process and share in the excitement of the panel while they learned about the many passionate women who are doing such incredible things.”