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In 2000, Michelle Moore-Fanger had her second child, and like most mothers, she felt an overwhelming sense of love and the need to protect and provide for her children. She began approaching projects that would support and encourage other mothers to take their personal experiences and transform them into something positive for the children of their own communities. Michelle found a common bond with these women who wanted to make a difference.

katrin-cleanup Katrina Damage

Katrina Damage & Clean-up After Katrina


Corporate Sponsorship  Award Recipient

Corporate Sponsorship
Award Recipient

In 2005, Mother’s Grace held its first fundraiser to help support mothers whose families had been affected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It was through these efforts that Mother’s Grace was able to contribute to the rebuilding of several inner city schools that were suffering from mold contamination. Michelle also set out to secure large corporate sponsors for AIDS Diagnostic equipment to be placed in third world countries. In 2008 things came full circle when Michelle became one of the Mom’s in need. With her own Cancer Dx. and her child’s diagnoses of Juvenile Diabetes, she came to realize the need for immediate assistance as moms and their families face devastating life circumstance. Mother’s Grace was developed in 2009 and formalized as a 501c in 2010.

Since inception Mother’s Grace has supported over 1000 moms with financial assistance by way of monthly bills, medications, meals, housekeeping, childcare, and ancillary services. In addition Mother’s Grace has given grants to over 25 501c organizations run by Moms either through fiscal sponsorship, mentorship and/or strategic partnership.

Mother’s Grace is made up of a professional group of Moms who are willing to donate their time and talent in supporting moms in need and mentoring those that wish to go forward and apply for fiscal/mentor sponsorship.

We now have a strategic mission that extends to over 75 volunteers and serves moms and 501c organizations all over the AZ.