As we begin to celebrate the season of Advent and Christmas draws near we are reminded of the time for preparation and our Lord’s Coming!
It is nice to be able to prepare and look inside and see what we can do to make ourselves ready in new ways to receive this season.
For many families dealing with illness, tragedy and loss they feel a bit blind sighted, unprepared, and as if their world has stopped while everyone else continue’s on.

Mother’s Grace is a foundation that helps Mom’s and Children with support in the immediate moments of their crisis. Mother’s Grace help’s in three unique ways:

MG gives financial support to those in immediate need while trying to deal with the burden of devastating illness/loss, we step in and are able to help with utility bills, medications/testing, or any ancillary service that may support them during their time of need.
MG also supports children dealing with the loss/absence of a Mother or in need of a Mother’s mentorship. We currently sponsor a group of African Refugee children with a book club, life skill development, and scholarship support. In addition we have gone to schools/organizations to teach outreach skills to children and sponsor school fundraising that in turn sponsors schools and families in need (IE support for families of the recent natural disasters in the South/Midwest
Finally MG awards 4-5 grants per year to Mothers who have transformed their personal tragedy into grace filled action. Through their spiritual journey, and first hand experience they wish to start their own 501c3 organization with an ultimate goal to help others suffering with similar crisis. These grants often help with the start up costs associated with a 501c3. (IE attorney’s fees, accounting, marketing etc.)

If you know of mother or child in need of support or if you would like to become a sponsor of Mother’s Grace please contact us @
Please visit our website @ for additional information

Posted in Blog on December 3rd, 2011.

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