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Friday afternoon was hot here in PHX one of the hottest days on record. My son and I had just gotten home from California and some great beach time. I just wanted to relax and chill in the house. Lorraine from Comfy Cozy Chemo (one of our MG partners) had let us know of a family at Banner Hospital where their 7 year old son was fighting Leukemia. A loving family, hard working with 3 young children had been told at the beginning of their summer that they would spend it in the hospital with their son fighting for his life. We had eagerly agreed to help the family as Mom had to quit her job and camp at the hospital with her 7 year old and Dad was working full time to make ends meet.

I was hot, tired and had car issues with my sons using our cars for after school activities and was stressing about getting to the hospital. My attitude was less than stellar as I contemplated if I really wanted another commitment on this day especially one that included driving in the heat. I was running late and by the time my son got my car home I didn’t get to the hospital until 4 keeping this family waiting in the hospital play room for over an hour. The oncology nurse, and Lorraine welcomed me with a big smile at the entrance of the hospital and took me to Henry’s room where the whole family was gathered with other hospital staff. IMG_2126Dad looked very worried, mom looked tired and kids looked like this was the last place they wanted to be, yet they were so gracious and patient with my tardiness. It hit me immediately that I was so fortunate and lucky to have the afternoon to be free to come and meet them. Free from hospitals, chemo, sickness, worry, sadness, etc. Seven years ago I was in their spot in the hospital fighting cancer and a very sick child as well. I was desperate for a day at the beach, a vacation free from stress, and just the normal day that comes with kids and their activities.

Thank you Lord for these blessings that we sometimes curse, and remind us daily that their are families every day in crisis and all they need is a loving hand.

This family has been fighting cancer for 3 months, no summer to speak of. I promised myself I would never forget what it felt like 7 years ago and I would be grateful and helpful wherever I could. ….Please reach out when you can in any way that you can…it means more to these families than you can possibly imagine!

Posted in Blog on August 24th, 2015.

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Posted in Events on June 11th, 2015.

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