Be Kind!

Yesterday Mother’s Grace had our annual fundraising event, which hosted Ben’s Bells Founder, Jeanette Mare as our guest speaker. Jeanette lost her 3 year old son to a croup related incident and started Ben’s Bells as an organization aimed at spreading kindness. She is a grace filled Mother DEFINITELY changing the world with her work.

Jeannette inspired me to be extra kind and I started this morning out with the right attitude….it didn’t last long!

I woke up early this Sat am, to fly to San Diego for a work meeting then planned to drive to LA to see my oldest son’s regatta. I had a tight schedule and was hustling my middle son along to roll out of bed, pack and be ready to leave in 30 minutes as I was dropping him off at a friends for the weekend. As I have mentioned before my middle son is a Type 1 Diabetic and much additional planning is required when we are separated.

As we rolled out of the driveway he had assured me that all of his diabetic supplies were packed, until 5 minutes later when we were on the road he mentioned their was not enough insulin in his pen. (so he “had” the supplies but they were empty, ughhhhh)
We turned the car around and headed home to get another vial for his pen. He ran into the house, gets back in the car and I peel out knowing we are running behind and I have a flight to catch. As my tires screeched out of the driveway his newly retrieved pen went flying through the car and he was on his hands and knees looking for said pen.
If you are not familiar with Juvenile Diabetes, the insulin is the life saving medicine my son must take every 3-4 hours just to stay alive as he has no functioning pancreas.
We are now driving to his friends and he is frantically on the floor (with no seatbelt) looking for his insulin pen and just about in tears as I am yelling from the driver’s seat.
We arrive at his friends 10 minutes later and I am now laying down in the car’s back floor searching through old food and crusty garbage under the seats (disclaimer – this was my husbands’ car) we spent 15 minutes looking for that pen and it COULD NOT BE FOUND. OK… I have 15 minutes to get to the airport and I can’t leave until he has had insulin.
I call our pharmacy to see if I can get another pen and they are clean out of pens, yet catch this …..they have the exact insulin in another type of pen but can’t give it to me because my prescription is for a different pen (SAME MEDICINE JUST DIFFERENT DELIVERY DEVICE – We are talking plastic here).
This was when I lost it! I started pleading with the pharmacist telling him the circumstances yelling, “Do you know that he if he does not get insulin he will be in the hospital by the end of the day”?
After many hysterics on my part and behavior that did not illustrate the better side of me, he finally agreed to give me the pen, just handing it over because he could not ring it up. WOW are you kidding? I sent my Husband who was on the way to CA in the other car back to the pharmacy and he calls me 10 minutes later and says, George the Pharmacist was a very nice and helpful man, he had prosthetic arms and still was able to forge forward with his job. He was pleasantly waiting for my Husband when he arrived and just handed him the pen. Here is the topper, after my Husband left, George called me to tell me the insulin was safely on the way to my son, and he wanted to reiterate his philosophy “ I am in the business to help people and sometimes policies and procedures have to be judicially reviewed and bent in cases when you could make a difference in someone’s life”. WHOA, can you imagine if everyone was that wise?
Cost of new Pen – (usually $200) Cost of making a friend at the pharmacy – Priceless!

Taking the time and being kind changed my life for the better today, George…Thank-you, and thank you Jeanette Mare for starting such a beautiful organization that is at the heart of what id important this season and always!

Posted in Blog on December 3rd, 2012.

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