Baby Bradley Lucas

I woke this morning feeling strange, not being able to put my finger on a familiar panicky sensation. I remembered my last conversation before going to bed was about Baby Cassavant.

My 15 year old fell asleep next to me last night thanking me for caring for him after his surgery, he held my hand and said “I am so thankful for my Mommy”! I secretly sobbed not because normally he says things like “you are behind on my laundry” or “your french toast is horrible”, but because I felt such a connection to him in that moment that it was almost too painful to feel, just in case it was ever taken from me or he was taken from me. Do you remember when your babies were babies? The smell after their bath, wrapping them in their hooded towels, making them giggle, scraping the pureed sweet potatoes off the sides of their mouths, teaching them the dinosaur names and making them growl, repeating all of their charming anecdotes to family and friends over and over? What an incredible blessing that we, as Moms have felt these overwhelming feelings for these beautiful creatures. The feelings are almost too much to bear, so much love but so much pain simultaneously.

I ask all of you to think back on the memories of your little angels at 4 months old and now imagine if you were sitting in the hospital with that fragile little soul and having a golf ball tumor removed from their brain. In an instant waiting for the severity of pathology, making arrangements to give your sweet baby chemo and not knowing what had hit you in the last 4 days.

There is such a feeling of helplessness as I sit here and wonder what to do for this family, they don’t need meals yet, they are financially OK, and they have a support system.
I ask that all of you graceful moms pray this morning, get out your Bibles, Rosaries, Siddurs, Korans, Mantras, what have you…… please pray for Lucas Cassavant and his Mom! Please take 5 minutes this morning and reflect on the blessing of your own 4 month old, however old they are now and offer your intentions for this family! Mom is asking for prayers too!

Posted in Blog on November 10th, 2012.

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