Breathing and Snuggling!

Today I woke early as I usually do and hopped right on my computer. My youngest son (12) jumped into bed with me and said, “mom are you working”? “yes, but what do you need?” “I just want to snuggle but I don’t want to bother you”!

Normally  I would say;  “just snuggle up”,  and I would keep working ..however today something told me to shut the window blinds, turn off the computer, and snuggle up. There is something about clasping your child’s warm hand and not feeling where his hand starts and yours finishes and touching soft toes with your tired and worn out toes. The smell, “even dirty 12 year old boy smell” somehow smells sweet and beautiful. As I prepare to let go of my 18 year old as he readies himself for college I am trying to remember to grasp hold of my 12 year old who in many ways is still a baby. I highly suggest snuggling up..turning off everything and breathing..we practice deep diaphragmatic breathing and letting every thought go, every ounce of muscle tension, each worry for the upcoming day and invite the Holy Spirit in and just feel the sheer love and joy that fills up every cell.  I promise you wont be able to tell where you start and your child ends..We are one through grace-

I am always feeling like I need to write something profound and worthy but today I felt compelled to write just the above ..take 10 minutes out of today and breathe and snuggle simply won’t regret it!

Michelle – Mother’s Grace

Posted in Blog on February 28th, 2016.

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