Spring Newsletter 2011

Mother’s Grace would like to thank you for your continued interest and support in our community fundraisers and outreach. There is great satisfaction in organizing these efforts amongst our friends as well as continual reflection. There are many emotions as we hear the heart breaking stories of those in need. We have a desire to help so many and this pulls at our heartstrings and is the very reason our efforts remain in force. That and the support we receive from all of you.We would love for you to read this newsletter or to catch up with us by visiting our website Many of you are an inspiration to us in all your charitable acts…… thank you! Most importantly thank you for your continued prayers. Deo Gratias!

Good News

We are excited to announce that Mothers Grace received our official 501c3 status in February. This status will be retroactive to October 16 2010 the official date of our Articles of Incorporation. If any of our supporters are in need of a receipt for tax purposes for donations going back to 10-2010 please contact us at

What Have We Been Up To

We continue to seek out Mother’s who are struggling difficult life circumstances and need support of time, financial assistance, prayer or guidance. Since our last gathering in December Mother’s Grace has awarded 3 grants to women who have taken their own suffering/life circumstance and started an outreach of their own-

  • Connie Uddo – St. Pauls Homecoming
  • Barbara Nation – Paradise Shadows Outreach
  • Lauren Daniels – Happily Ever after League

We have also been able to support many facing crisis today and in need of immediate support. We have supported Mother’s facing Cancer, sons dealing with Muscular Dystrophy, and were able to sponsor a school in New Orleans that is in need after many of their families have suffered the devastation of Katrina then the Oil Spill. See our Mardi Gras Fundraiser.

We hope to expand our outreach this year one day at a time. We continue to need donations of time and financial support please contact us at Mothersgrace. org if you would like to support our mission. We have updated our website to include an application for aid, if you know of a Mother suffering from adversity and in desperate need or a mother that has come through her suffering with grace and has a personal mission to help others please feel free to nominate these inspirational women for aid.

Mardi Gras Event

From our kids to yours Mother’s Grace hosted a Mardi Gras fundraiser the weekend prior to Fat Tuesday with Blessed Pope John XXIII Catholic School.We adopted a “sister” school in Belle Chasse, Louisiana. This school suffered first from the effects of Hurricane Katrina and more recently from the Gulf oil spill. It is a community where many of the family’s livelihoods are severely impacted since the fishing and oil industry took an economic hit. It was a pleasure to start off our Lenten season with a fundraiser that prepared the children of Bl. Pope John XXIII. The 3rd annual “Chores for Charity” was a great success. Each child was asked to consider doing a few “extra” chores in order to raise funds for Our Lady of Perpetual Help School. The students raised nearly $3500 dollars and we still have donations fromWalmart that we are collecting to be presented at a later date.

The weekend of March 26th Mother’s Grace held their 6th annual Garage Sale for Grace. As is custom we have selected a person who is in need of our help. Proceeds from this sale will go directly to this family for their most imminent concerns.

Meet Megan King Horner

She is a beautiful 32 year old Mom of 3 bright and energetic children. She is dealing with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma. She has endured long and grueling treatments and her children have their own individual medical issues.We want to help Megan and the other Mom’s in our community with as much love, prayer and support possible.

We have adopted a nomination process for monetary aid of this kind. This is a great resource for those seeking help. Often in the midst of struggle applying for a grant is truly the last thing on one’s mind.We hope this process will gather momentum and will be well received by those wishing aid. Hopefully you received our e-mail blast highlighting our garage sale, if not and you’d like to be, please contact us to put you on our list so we can let you know of future sales.We typically host these twice a year in the spring and fall.We feel this serves the community in so many ways. Thank you for your charitable donations!

Book Club

April is an exciting month for us as we begin a book club for girls 7-13. We will be hosting the young girls of the African Refugee community as they have expressed interest in having mentorship and to be included in a community outreach. The book club will be monthly and is open to all Mom’s and their daughters 7-13 as we join together in hosting these young ladies and having fun and learning about other cultures. Books and refreshments provided- Please visit our website for details or contact us at if you Mother’s Grace Partnership would like to participate.

Mother’s Grace Partnership would like to participate.

Many of you have asked for information about Seraphym Design, Chelsea displayed her beautiful works of Designer Jewelry and Rosaries at our inaugural event please see below for her contact info. Arasely Chelsea Rios Seraphym Designs LLC 480-577-1817

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