Dear Friends of Mothers Grace

We are blessed to send you a Season’s Greeting, thanking you for another wonderful year of support for our organization!

In 2013 we were able to care for and mentor many Moms because of your continuous generosity! Whether you contributed financially, acted as committee member, hosted an event, or spread the word of our mission, the work could not be done without you!

2013 held many highlights for Mothers Grace:

  • We were able to support over 20 Moms dealing with overwhelming life circumstance such as cancer or other life threatening illness. We also gave support to Moms caring for sick children.  (providing meals, house cleaning, support for medical bills, gift cards to help with food, and prescriptions).
  • We were also able to fund several grants supporting Moms who have overcome great hardship and needed mentorship/financial support. Our grants aid Moms starting their own 501c’s with hopes of supporting others in similar crisis.
  1. Singleton Moms         
  2. Detour Theatre Company
  3. Comfy Cozy Chemo    
  4. JDRF                            
  5. Play Big (scholarship)
  6. SLC Foundation (Susan loves Colman foundation) supporting treatment for Synovial Sarcoma).

If you would like additional information about how you can nominate an individual for aid, please visit our website at: or email us at  Additionally if you would like to help support our mission or sponsor a Mom in need through your own “year end-giving goals” please visit our “donate now page” at:   –  we will gladly provide a year end tax receipt!

Michelle Fanger, Tricia Feagles, Leanne Mariano, Terri Buccino, Dawn Pacheco
Mothers Grace Board of Directors

Posted in News on March 12th, 2014.

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