EEK here we go again!

As most of America knows October has turned into the pinkest month of the year! It is officially breast cancer awareness month! If you ask most breast cancer survivors we hate the “pink month” many call it “Puketober” or “Pink till you drink” month. Many of us feel like breast cancer gets portrayed as this community bonding, walking, racing for the cure happy disease with a pretty color. Breast cancer is not pretty!

I hate breast cancer, it has taken so much from me, not just my breasts or my hair during chemo, but the largest percentage of us have an ER positive breast cancer which means that we can not have any hormones floating through our body at any time so we are the equivalent of 75 years old with no estrogen or progesterone and the benefits that one gets from those hormones. Most of us who survive live with a constant fear of breast cancer coming back, we call it the beast! We have twice yearly scans, we scan our bodies for symptoms, we think a headache is the spread to the brain, a backache is spread to the bones, a cold and cough is spread to the lungs and we live for the days without symptoms, which are rare for women without hormones. I am 4 1/2 year survivor so my odds are increasingly good that I have beaten the beast. Many I know have not and are living with stage 4 breast cancer that has metastasized. They are on chemo until they die, many of them are young mothers trying to raise a family and cope with chronic cancer and its treatment, knowing it will take their lives most likely in the following few years. If I can offer a Mothers Grace today to Moms out there I would ask two things:
1- Go get your mammogram, mine saved my life at age 41, I had had one 13 months prior and this one caught the cancer at stage 1. Because of my young age and the aggressiveness of the cancer my Oncologist states 9 months later would have been stage 4.
2. Know that breast cancer awareness is here in FULL FORCE we are not needing anymore awareness, now is the time to give or volunteer to programs that provide groundbreaking genetic specific treatments. Please also support programs that help Moms going through the cancer especially terminal stage 4 metastatic patients. They are most likely not able to work anymore so they are financially strained for several years with multiple treatments and trying to be Moms at the same time. They know their fates and they are wanting to create lasting memories with their children! They are tired, sick, depressed, alone. I hear from so many of them that people stop calling and reaching out to them because they are afraid of the prognosis and the sickness that they see in these women and most don’t’ know how to help and are to afraid to ask.
If you know these Moms and they need help please bring them to the attention of Mothers Grace we want to help!

Posted in Blog on October 7th, 2012.

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