Forgotten Moms!

The Forgotten Moms!

Each year, throughout the Holidays, I am so moved by the outpouring of generosity to families in need! Food drives, toy drives, adopt a family, serving food to the poor, so many good works. Yesterday I went to pick up my youngest son from his sleepover and chatted with the Mom for a moment. We were commiserating about our large families that we had adopted and the effort entailed in having it handled before Christmas. My friend was very emotional worried that she was not doing enough for her sponsored family. Her chosen family consisted of 9 children plus Grandma and she had already bought 2 “wish list items” for all, plus PJ’s, bedding, crib, food, etc, etc, etc. Good Grief, due to this Mom’s enormous heart this family would be very well taken care of….probably better than my own family!

This year I sent up a quiet prayer that Mothers Grace would be brought to any Mom that may be forgotten or had fallen through the cracks. One week later, a Mom we have worked with at Phoenix Children’s Hospital gave us a call. She had met with a Mom in the hospital, there with her young 10 year old son fighting a very serious cancer. Mom did not speak English, but through an interpreter found that Mom had brought her young son to PCH from New Mexico for the best possible treatment. The family, Mom and 3 of her 5 children would be staying at Ronald Mcdonald House for 4 months. Mom must get up each morning at 5 am, take her displaced children on the city bus to West Phoenix drop them at a brand new school, head back to PCH to be with her ill son, then go back by bus to pick up her other children and then head back to the RM House. This mom had to leave her job cutting the household income in half then face the additional costs of living away from home. This family due to being in a new city, living at the hospital and not speaking English had fallen through the cracks of our communities generosity. She wanted nothing for herself and repeatedly stated that all she wanted was for her son to be well! There was no Christmas planned, no gifts, no family meal just sitting in a dark room with her son praying she could take away his pain!

As a Mother of a 10 year old boy my stomach has been in knots ever since our visit! Put yourself in this Moms place, you are in a foreign city, you don’t speak English, your son’s life is in the balance and you must find the strength to rise each morning and navigate foreign logistics with your other young children then get back to the hospital to put on a brave face for your very ill son! I keep hearing the words “make it go away” or “just take this all away”! This Mom was so overwhelmed and in need of love! Mothers Grace was able to help this Mom and I encourage all of you very graceful Moms out there to pray for an encounter with a Mom who has been forgotten, she may not show up through the usual channels or by a sponsored program. She may not be poor, or have an ill child she may look very well on the outside as well. She may be facing a divorce, loss of income, depression, anxiety, she may be alone and saying she is OK and she may be too private to share but she is there next to you and may need you more than you know!

God Bless all of you very charitable and empathetic Moms this Christmas!

Posted in Blog on December 23rd, 2013.

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