From the airplane window-

From the airplane window-

I sit now and look at the colorful picture of our planet that stares back at me from my computer screen, the image gives me the same feeling as when I am flying over a large city looking down. When I become wrapped up in some small drama like my kid’s grades, or a friend that hurt my feelings and the feelings are spinning out of control in my own head…I like to remember the feeling of flying and how it feels when I look down to the earth from my little airplane window.
There are cities upon cities upon countries with their own little mini dramas going on in their little square houses from the sky. I see their lights and wonder what they are dealing with right then in that moment. I am overwhelmed by the feeling of wanting to stop and try to let go as there is a huge world out there under One God and we are all connected. None of the mini dramas really end up being of any consequence…so why worry? Stop and breathe and enjoy what God intends for us, our families/friends for the short moment of time that we have them!

Today at Mother’s Grace we have applications and stories for the following:

A young woman who desires children, who has had 4 miscarriages and now dxed. with breast cancer and wont be able to conceive.
A young Mom just dxed. with Scleroderma and will lose her life as the disease settles into her lungs
A young Mom who just lost her child to a heart defect and wants to help others dealing with the same disease.
A young SINGLE Mom who is caring for 2 autistic children, husband left, and now she is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.

I am a big picture person, meaning I am not always good with the details, however here I would like to focus on the details of just one of these Moms.
A Mom who has two autistic children and wakes every morning to care for them, trying to communicate as they are biting her, screaming at her, as she busies herself cleaning up their mess as they don’t always use the toilet. She gets them ready for their day at school as she simultaneously readies herself for a somewhat haggard appearance at her own job! If this was not enough she felt a lump and it is indeed breast cancer and because she has a life that does not allow for much “me” time she has put off a Dr’s appt. and now the cancer has spread through her body! She has insurance but because of the medical problems she has nearly met the totals on the life of her policy. Now as she faces treatment ongoing until her death, what will happen? How do we ease the burden for this Mom in a near hopeless situation? We get involved, we offer to drive, clean, make food, babysit, make donations. This is all good and needed, please make time to do so on behalf of these mothers. 
However….what I pledge to do near daily now is to let go of all of the mini dramas in life. Completely LET GO, let God handle these for me, so with what minimal time I have left I can give back to a Mom such as the ones I list (and believe me there are so many more, too many to detail here)! Our mini dramas will control us if we let them, let them go for one day I challenge you to breathe them away and see what space this opens up to see another’s life, like looking down from an airplane window and realizing there is such a big world out there with so much compassion and presence needed-

Posted in Blog on March 3rd, 2013.

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