What is your reaction when you hear a traumatic story involving another Mom?
Which stories do you hear and think “that is just too much”?
Many times I listen, ask some questions, feel a tightening in my body, thinking to myself, I don’t even want to think about that scenario because I know I would collapse and not be able to handle the situation.

Tori is a mom of two teenagers, one is  special needs  living with Asberger’s Sydrome. She is a full time employee at a public elementary school, her husband lost his job and had to relocate to another state to find work commuting back and forth. Some time into his new endeavor Tori’s husband decided to leave the family for another woman. While Tori suffered in silence and prepared to care for her family alone she started packing away her husband’s things in the attic and took a devastating fall fracturing her back. Upon leaving the hospital walking with a cane and beginning intense rehab, Tori prepared to return to work. As described by her nominating party she was in dire pain struggling to get through the day. She lost too much weight, lost sleep and became quite frail. Each day was overwhelming both financially and physically but Tori pushed on and handled her responsibilities. One morning after a couple of weeks back at work Tori was showering and found a lump in her breast. Yes, it was breast cancer and she would start treatment immediately.

Now, put your self into Tori’s place, you have two children, a full time job, your husband left and is of no help financially, you break your back but have to get back to work only to now be diagnosed with cancer.
What does one do? You must work and need insurance, you are sick walking with a cane, can’t bend over to clean the house, the teenagers need guidance, and now you have to go to treatment daily for 6 weeks, maybe more-
I think about that scenario and I want to collapse! 
I think it is important as Mom’s for us to walk through these scenarios in our hearts when we hear them. Only then can we feel the real weight of the reality of their situation. Then, we can more easily think about how we can help in the NOW. There is a story like this in every one of our communities, it doesn’t have the same details but it is traumatic, overwhelming and we most likely don’t what to think about it because it makes us feel fearful and powerless!

In many cases Moms are the backbone of the family and must carry on at all costs. Mother’s Grace is not there to solve long term problems we offer respite in a horrible storm, provide a deep breath while a plan is hatched. We want to lighten the burden when a Mom wants to collapse, so just maybe they can get up the next day feeling supported!

God Bless Tori and her family!

Posted in Blog on June 18th, 2014.

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