Mother’s Grace Foundation

I attended a brunch the other day to raise money for mom’s who are in desperate need of Grace. The mission of Mother’s Grace Foundation is to support Mother’s and Children who have endured life tragedies. What a wonderful mission and cause. As many of you know I have endured a fair amount of tragedy this year, and yet it is because of God’s grace alone, that I am enduring at all. Organizations like Mother’s Grace and Happily Ever After make things for people going through difficult times more bearable.

The women at this benefit have been so supportive of me throughout this past year. I can’t think of how I will ever be able to re-pay the kindness I have been shown this year. We were fed by these women and others for weeks during chemotherapy last spring. I have jokingly said to people I need to feed cancer patients the rest of my life to make up for it, but I am not really joking. Many of these women have spent time listening to me cry about cancer or cry about my impending divorce. One of them let me spend a morning holding her newborn, and another is going to refer me for hospital jobs. I can’t tell you how much organizations like these as well as individual smiles, hugs, kind words and open ears have meant to me this year.

One day not long ago I was having a pretty hard time, and I was pretty mad at someone who was being difficult, and I stopped. In that moment of stopping, I thought about all the kind people I have encountered this year, and said a quick prayer, “God please let me live long enough to be kind!”

May we all live long enough to be kind, and follow in the footsteps of any who have helped make our path even the slightest bit easier to endure. To us those who lighten our load can be compared to the saints who helped Jesus carry the cross. “May I make someone else’s load lighter and road more bearable!”

Happy Loving and Sitting!

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Posted in News on December 6th, 2011.

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