My New Favorite Word, “Mercy”!

My New Favorite Word “Mercy”!

Last Sunday I had the pleasure of attending the Feast of Saint Patrick’s mass at Saint Patrick’s Church. Aux. Bishop Nevares was the guest that day and did a Beautiful homily. I have listened to Bishop Nevares on prior occasions and have been so inspired! I have written to him and told him in person a couple of times that his very beautiful yet simple message of goodness and love lives on in my heart long after mass ends! This past Sunday the sermon was about “Mercy”

Honestly I have never meditated on the word “Mercy” until last week. I reflected on the meaning and it’s place in my own life. We were reminded that we, here on earth are all sinners, but are given such merciful love! God showed his ultimate mercy by Christ’s death on the cross. Think about that, if God can show that type of Mercy for us and forgive us daily for our sins, why is it so hard for us to pass on that Mercy to our friends, families and community? As humans we continue to look for the thing that bothers us about someone else, their choices, lifestyle, religion, politics, etc. As Mothers we often look for things that are children do wrong, as spouses we are quick to criticize.
Last night I was with my oldest son at a meeting at his High School that will prepare him to go to a third world country this summer and build schools. I was with a friend and her son and we both were telling them what they do wrong, like too much electronics, forgetful minds, could do better at school (both are honor students). Instead I wish I would have shown Mercy to my son, who took it upon himself to apply for this stewardship opportunity that is no “vacation” and definitely not self serving in nature. This morning as I was getting ready for a busy day, going to a luncheon then quickly to the airport for a business trip I asked my Husband if he had time to run to the store to get me a brush as mine had broken while doing my hair. I gave him the old brush, to take with him (as his model, how could anyone screw that up)? I described the “all wire” nature needed for the blow out and off he went. He of course came back with an all soft bristle brush! (ughhhhhhh!) Instead of showing him mercy for being so kind to run out on his work day for the brush I got mad saying he needed to improve his listening skills!
I find myself very merciful to the outside world, never quick to judge, global view however, inside my home is where I pledge to do a better job with Mercy. I think as Graceful Moms we could all try practicing Mercy each day and model that for our kids, let them hear us being merciful to the world, so they can grow in tolerance and forgiveness and in turn their world will be a bit less stressful.
Do you remember the movie Schindler’s List? My favorite part of the movie is when Liam Neeson’s character (Oskar Schindler) is trying to get Ralph Fiennes character (the concentration camp’s warden) to be merciful to the Jews in the camp. He was devastated by the warden’s killing rampages. Oskar got him very drunk one night and told him the sign of a great leader (one to be exalted) is the ability to pardon those that have sinned and to let them go free! (see the symbolism) He go’s around for a time catching Jews in acts that would normally get them shot and takes a breath and says, “I pardon you”.
You can see the Warden’s mind working as he considers the analogy to his benefit and puts it into practice for a time. The joke is really on him as Schindler had manipulated the outcome but the symbolism remains, it is more difficult to show Mercy for most, it is easier to fly off the handle, judge, and criticize! Those actions are impulsive and really centered in fear and insecurity in one’s self. The real work or sacrifice, like Jesus shows us is through Mercy, taking a deep breath, opening our minds and letting go into mercy for all and what a powerful example for our children that can be!

Posted in Blog on March 23rd, 2013.

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