Seeking Normal…

As a previous cancer patient I know what its like to feel the world is moving on without you. When cancer or other life threatening illness strikes, normal life is brought to a halt. Instead of daily laundry, cooking, working and helping kids to and from activities, Dr’s appts, testing, sickness, managing fear, panic and health issues becomes the norm. I remember thinking that the world was moving on without me, friends were planning vacations, talking about weekend plans, and fun stuff with kids. I craved normalcy and the mundane, the things that many of us Moms complain about. Even now almost 5 years after cancer I am losing the memory of craving the status quo and am wishing for a “great vacation”, a super special Holiday Season, new clothes, maybe a “girls trip” etc.

Today my 15 year old is having surgery, it is most likely not serious and he will be fine, however it still seems like a break in the schedule and throwing everything into chaos. I am back to craving the “normal day”!
Two days ago a friend called in tears to tell me that the newborn of a Mom I know was being rushed to Phoenix Children’s Hospital, diagnoses, BRAIN TUMOR. The two Moms had just met for coffee and were lamenting on how she, a first time Mom was a little over the top worried as her newborn was a little unwell, they were laughing about the exaggerated feelings of first time Moms! The Grandparents had come by that same day and noticed a change in the babie’s’ eyes the new Mom called the Dr. and within 24 hours this Mom went from day to day normalcy with a new baby to standing by while her precious child was in a 6 hour surgery to remove the brain tumor. I can only imagine that this Mom is craving the normal days when all she was worried about was not getting enough sleep with her newborn.
Today I am taking my son to surgery and embracing every moment of the day, I will sit with him, hold his hand, watch TV shows I don’t like, rub his back, and not make any plans except to be in the moment with him. As I flash back to the time when all I wanted was to “just be” with my children I will recommit myself this ADVENT Season to find pleasure and grace in the moment each day. Instead of finding exciting events for us to participate in during the Holiday Season I am looking forward to enjoying just the NORMAL things that bring peace and grace while enjoying my children. I have decided to make my own advent calendar that will find enjoyment and beauty in something normal each day. (baking cookies, playing christmas monopoly, praying together, spending quality time with loved ones)
I am also going to write about this season so I won’t so easily forget next time crisis ensues.
As Graceful Mothers committed to our children, I pray that you may enjoy ┬áthem in the moment and pray for the Moms this weekend that are not able to relish life’s most simple pleasures as they are praying for their children’s lives!

Posted in Blog on November 9th, 2012.

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