That Familiar Sigh!

I want to share an “in the moment story” with you so you can feel the impact your work has for the Moms we help:

We had an application last week for mom, “Kaye”. Kaye had her 2nd child in August. Kaye’s daughter was in the hospital the first time for 3 weeks after birth where she was dxed with a rare genetic disorder. She had surgery and they got to take her home. Three weeks later her daughter became very ill and they brought her back to the hospital and now have been there 8 weeks. Her baby daughter has had 4 surgeries, is being fed by tube and organs are not functioning properly.
Kaye (mom) is a hair stylist she must work daily for the family income and there is no vacation pay etc. She has another daughter who is 2, so you can imagine her day; get up take care of 2 year old, go to work, listen to everyone else as she does their hair, then go straight to the hospital, head home at night exhausted and take care of the 2 year old again. Dad has his own business that has suffered during this time as he takes care of 2 year old and stays camped at the hospital.
This morning when I spoke to Kaye she sighed heavily so many times! ( i recognized this sigh oh so well from my own experience and from speaking with moms who are trying to hold it all together) when I told her how we are going to help she broke down on the phone and cried and could not speak. I think as Moms we hold it all in until another Mother is there to quietly acknowledge and understand the overwhelming feelings!
We will visit Kaye’s family tomorrow at the hospital and attempt to help them ease their burden this Holiday Season!

As we spend our days preparing for Thanksgiving and all of the details of the holidays, I am so empathetic for these Moms who are holding the hands of their children in the hospital and trying to get through work and caring for their families simultaneously! As Moms we are truly the ones holding it together for so many and adding things like this to one’s plate is pushing the breaking point.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for your service to these Moms and to those of you that help every year….. you are the only way we can complete this work!
God Bless you and your families this Holiday Season!

Posted in Blog on November 25th, 2014.

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