The Perfect Prayer!

The Perfect Prayer…for Moms-

In the wake of the tragic loss of lives in Connecticut, as a Mother…I find no words on this topic!
I feel no right to comment on such an overwhelming tragedy or to speak to the parents grief! All I can say is the loss has affected me deeply!

In times in my life when I have felt a lack of hope or as if I would die from the pain there has been just one thing that has brought me back! As a Catholic I grew up saying the rosary. You don’t have to be a Catholic to love the rosary, in fact there have been many times I have drifted from my faith but still clung to the rosary.
On any given day you may find me reciting the “Hail Mary”, during difficult times when my children have been sick, when I was going through chemo, during fights with my Husband, friends, family, when I am on a flight sitting next to a smelly loud person who keeps hitting my chair while I am trying to sleep and I want to elbow them in the gut….I just start saying a “Hail Mary”. Ever since my children have been toddlers and they could not sleep instead of telling them to “go count sheep” I would say “go recite Hail Mary’s”.!
Why do I rely on this prayer? It is comforting beyond understanding, when there is nothing else to cling to I pull out my beads, they are cool in my hand, I may be feeling overwhelmed in my life, I want to grip the beads, but I remind myself to hang on loosely and the grace will follow….the prayer is simple yet soothing for a mom in need….
“Hail Mary full of Grace”! (its like calling Mary, “Hail Mary, come near with your almighty grace be close to me! I am a Mother but I need a Mother now!” “The Lord is with thee”, (God is near you and listening through you, as a Mother can you help break down my problems for him?”) “Blessed art thou among Women and Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus” (“you are blessed and your son is divine and I am humbled to be near you”) Holy Mary, Mother of God Pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death, AMEN, (Dear Mary Holiest of Mothers please pray for me and my humanness, stay with me throughout this day and at the end of my life, take my fear and guide me to be the kind of of Mother you have been, full of faith!)
This morning my nine year old came into wake me at 5am and said, “Merry Christmas Eve”, yikes I was sound asleep, in the middle of a beautiful dream, could barely release a grunt! He says, “I love you Mom”! He hops into bed next to me and is back to sleep in 5 seconds…..ughhhh! I am thinking of getting to the store, wrapping last minute gifts, cleaning my house for dinner tonight, and finally I reach over to my nightstand and grab my rosary! I begin, and slowly I am reminded of a beautiful Mother who gave birth to our Lord this day! She demonstrated the ultimate faith as she married someone maybe that wasn’t her first choice, raised a son for the glory of someone else (not her own) and watched as he was ultimately taken from her for others! This is why I pray to Mary, she has been through so much more than I could conceive so the peace of her presence is divine! I pray for all Moms today and especially those that have lost their beloved children I pray for a moment of peace for you today and grace beyond our understanding!

Posted in Blog on December 24th, 2012.

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