What is Synchronicity?

“The experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur by chance yet are experienced”.
I could write a book about the plethora of synchronistic events in my life, but I want to focus on one special story today. I have posted before about Mothers Grace Foundation giving their 3rd qtr. grant to K2 graceful mom, Kristen Sandquist whose organization helps disabled children both locally and abroad.

When we gave K2 the grant 2 months ago we felt great knowing it would help, but we were not sure of the specifics. We had done our research and knew it would help well, but of course sometimes we don’t know the actual individual it may impact. One month ago I was to attend a different foundation dinner in Flagstaff with my partner in MG and our Husbands. We were excited about the dinner but life got in the way. My partner’s car broke down, and ironically my Husband also blew a tire on the way to the event. It was a busy time with kids so I told them both not to worry I would go. Then I came down with a nasty stomach virus so I thought, “OK we are NOT Supposed to go this thing”. Something called to me all day saying, “just go by yourself, you should go”. When I arrived I didn’t know a soul and was seated by a young handicapped boy of 15 who had difficulty communicating. At the end of dinner the boys MOM came and introduces herself and told me Brian’s Story. A Mom of 4 boys whose middle child had a heart attack at age 11 riding home from the grocery store on his bike. He was left without O2 and suffered brain damage, he is confined to a wheelchair and has difficulty with daily tasks. You could see the devotion and love to her son in her eyes and yet a bit of that tired haze that I recognize in a Mom who is taking care of her most precious child whose health is chronically challenged! We became friends right away and agreed to meet for coffee soon. (had my partner and my husband gone to this dinner I probably would have clung to them all night, however I was forced to make conversation with strangers as I was alone and it was a synchronistic outcome)!

Coleen and I  had several failed attempts at getting together, when one Sunday AM she texted me and said can you meet me in 10 minutes at Starbucks? Immediately my defenses went up, I can’t just rally in 10 minutes, I am in a oily ponytail and sweats and I have things to do today.  I always feel much safer planning meetings out a few days it gives me time to gear up and organize my day. Being a bit of a control freak I was not in control in this situation, obviously someone else was pulling the strings and I decided to throw caution to the wind and ran out to meet her. We sat together for 20 minutes getting to know one another but I really could not put my finger on how we needed to work together. Mothers Grace helps 501c orgs. and she did fit that bill.  She seemed to be getting on the right track financially as she had started an amazing business called “trinity crosses” and it was doing well, so I did not get the feeling she was in desperate immediate need for anything. I think we both were looking at each other wondering why we were brought together…..At the end of our meeting we decided that we just needed to keep in touch, and as an afterthought I looked behind and said to her, “Coleen is there anything that Brian needs”? She looked at me and said she was still not able to afford the lift for his electric wheelchair so it could be transported in her car, so it was remaining at school. WOW ok here it is! Kristen Sandquist and I had just had lunch the week before and she said “Michelle if there is ever anyone you know who needs help with their disability please call us”, I called her on the way home from Starbucks and she immediately got back to me and got the ball rolling. Brian is now just days away from his lift being installed and by the way he was just interviewed for a student leadership role and one of the most important questions of concern from the interviewer was “we are concerned about your mobility, how will you get around”?

He had a smile and told his mom to tell the story of synchronicity at Starbucks-
For more information on K2 Adventure foundation go to:www.k2adventures.org/

For information on Graceful MOM Coleen Rossi’s Trinity Crosses go to: www.ordertrinitycross.com

Posted in Blog on October 11th, 2012.

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