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In 2000, Michelle Fanger had her second child, and like most mothers, Michelle felt an overwhelming sense of love and the need to protect and provide for her children. Through prayer and faith, she began approaching projects that would support and encourage other mothers to take their personal experiences and transform them into something positive for the children of their own communities. Michelle found a common bond with these women who wanted to make a difference.

Katrina Damage
Katrina Damage

In 2005, Mother’s Grace held its first fundraiser to help support mothers whose families had been affected by Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It was through these efforts that Mother’s Grace was able to contribute to the rebuilding of several inner city schools that were suffering from mold contamination. Mother’s Grace also supports Beacon of Hope/St. Paul’s Homecoming, both charitable organizations that provide a safe haven from the wreckage, and a place where people within the community could do everything from a load of laundry, to consulting with an attorney, to relaxing with a cup of coffee.


Katrina Damage
Corporate Sponsorship
Award Recipient

Mother’s Grace has secured large corporate donations for specific AIDS Diagnostic equipment in India and Africa and now hopes to formalize the foundation for large
fundraising efforts to include corporate sponsorship.

Michelle and Tricia brought Mother’s Grace together when they realized they were working with the same group of African Refugees,Tricia driving refugee children to sports events and Michelle working on fundraising. The rest is history as they initiated grassroots fundraising efforts in 2008 like “Garage Sales for Grace” which supported the following:

AIDS Diagnostic Equipment

AIDS Treatment Clinic in Uganda