Who We Serve

What we do

Mother’s Grace helps Mothers and families suffering from adversity. Our organization awards grants to Mothers who have dealt with tragedy and have come through with faith and perseverance to take the experience of their suffering to help others in need. We also give immediate financial, emotional, and spiritual support to those Mothers facing life’s adversities in the midst of their trials. We wish to propel this compassionate giving thus touching more lives in our community with greater power.

How we help

Mother’s Grace accepts applications from Mothers who are starting a 501c3 organization or other charitable endeavor. We will seek out recipients by visiting 501c establishment classes, or qualifying word of mouth referrals.
Please see website for application or send request to mmmgrace@me.com

Who we are helping

In addition to the support we have described in our “History Page”, Mother’s Grace upon formalizing in 2010 has underwritten grants to St. Paul’s Homecoming (rebuilding New Orleans Neighborhoods), Paradise Shadows Outreach (supporting the African Refugee youth) and Happily Ever After League (Moms dealing with Cancer).

The above are grants that help support Mothers who have experienced tragedy in their lives and took that experience and their personal faith and started their own program to help others. We hope to support many others wishing to do the same in 2011. In addition, Mother’s Grace has come forth with financial support to those experiencing difficulties in their lives TODAY.

We have supported Mothers going through treatment for Cancer with money for daily needs, children who are committed to wheel chairs that need handicapped equipped vans, and we have helped to organize events such as Mothers and Children packing food for “feed my starving Children” and a Christmas party for African Refugee children that allowed them to enjoy a day of fun and receive gifts of toys, clothing and art supplies, and walk teams for fundraising for JDRF research.

What we need

  • Donations (monetary, venues for future fundraising, media support, promotional ideas, and Mothers to join in team efforts such as mentoring african refugee children)
  • Partners in fundraising
  • Benefactors