For all the right reasons!

For all the right reasons-

Saturday I woke early and my middle son asked if I would either make or go buy him a smoothie before his game. After checking out a bare refrigerator I decided to go on a hunt for a smoothie. Our favorite Smoothie haunts were closed as it was only 6:30 AM. I settled on Starbucks and ordered a much too expensive breakfast for 5! Oh Well, I thought, “The kids works so hard at school and sports etc, I will treat them this am.”
When I got to Starbucks the line was very long but they had 3 people behind the counter so it seemed like it would move quickly! By the time I made it to the front of the line (like 10 minutes) I was annoyed and wondering about the hold up. It took another 10 minutes to make 2 smoothies and an ice tea. One person did all the work and rang up while the other 2 hung behind chatting about nothing in particular. I asked, “Why if the line is so long are only one of you working?” One of the chatty women replied, “We don’t punch in for another 4 minutes!” Are you kidding me, you are going to sit here and watch your co-workers sweat while you wait for the time clock? Now I am really annoyed and think to myself about the problems with our culture, so many don’t want to help out unless it pans out on paper, or they get something out of it!

Later that day a friend called me in response to invitations we had sent out to our Mothers Grace event. She had already put together an entire table, helped to find sponsorship and now was offering to have her Husbands company sponsor another table. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and asked her for her Husband’s company logo so we could at least give some acknowledgment. She declined stating. “No need Michelle, we just appreciate and want to support the work Mothers Grace does for others.” This act really brought tears to my eyes and reminded me of God’s Grace and the people that are put in front of us daily to guide our journey!

Do I always do things for the right reasons? This message rang through my mind all day. I went to a yoga class later that day, it was a KARMA class whereby we are asked for donations for a specific cause. On this day the class was dedicated to one of our co-yoga participants who was participating in the Susan G. Kommen 3 day walk. The cost to participate is hefty and donations would help her team and the Komen Foundation.
As a breast cancer survivor SGK is not my first choice (nothing against their good works just have different favorites) for personal donations, however I decided to take my generous friend’s lead that day and donate based not on my opinion or personal “stuff”, but instead just for this young woman who believed in her cause, fighting the good fight and courageously asking for support. So I chose to support her for all the right reasons, really the only reasons that matter! If I was truly following my friend’s lead I would not tell you about my support that day! My purpose in doing so is to remind myself and others that we can set this example for our children, I shared with my kids that day all of my experiences and asked them to reach out to someone where it was not personally motivated to look hard where friends might need them, the acts of kindness that ensued was truly the ripple effect set forth by my friend that day! Thanks SD for paving the path with random acts of kindness!

Posted in Blog on September 25th, 2013.

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